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What to expect from the Leather School:

  • Gain leather craft knowledge and hands-on experience in an instant with just one click;
  • Online tutorials to watch from the comfort of your home: place your computer on your work table, start playing a tutorial and follow along the instructions to learn all the artisanal techniques of this craft;
  • Basic skills & full build-along projects with step by step explanations to learn incrementally, at your own pace;
  • All tutorials are divided into structured sections, allowing you to advance little by little even on a busy week day;
  • Comprehensive lists of supplies: know exactly what you will need for each project;
  • Downloadable PDF patterns: just print them out and you're ready to start your project! Save them on your computer so you can use them even after your subscription ends;
  • Tens of thousands of hours of knowledge of French leather craft condensed into manageable tutorials to save you time and avoid frustrationall the knowledge and resources you need, in one place;
  • Direct contact with the teacher: students from The Leather School can write to the teacher Nicolas Grinda if they have doubts, at any time;
  • Each video is filmed in English, French and Spanish.

Learn the craft from scratch in a matter of hours. If you have experience, dive deeper into new projects and techniques, and fine tune the details that will lead you to perfection!

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process of making a leather wallet

New students get a FREE Dopp Kit PDF Pattern

For a very limited time, new students are welcomed with a Free Dopp Kit PDF Pattern when subscribing to the Leather School! 

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Meet your teacher -
Nicolas Grinda

Nicolas Grinda creates all types of custom leather goods for clients around the world under his brand, GRINDA MONACO, located in Monaco.
Today, he teaches you the art of leather craft!

What other students are saying...

Hajar @hajarelaziz

"After a couple of weeks taking the courses as a complete beginner, I sold my first wallet for more than 2 times the cost of the membership. Can’t recommend enough, 5 stars all the way!"

Keith @stonecraft_leather_goods

"In addition to making world class bespoke leather goods, Nicolas now offers an online school to share his knowledge in a in-depth fashion.

His Leathercraft School may be just what you need to take your skills to new heights.

I’ve been crafting for a few years and have been self taught so far. But something was missing. The Leathercraft School is just what I needed."

Dustin @lunarleatherco

"I’ve been following Atelier Grinda since the beginning of my leatherwork journey. I was thrilled that he announced the leather school. I signed up and have found the tutorials to be very thoughtful, insightful and very helpful in advancing my knowledge and skill."

Augustinas @a.prusokas

"I used to think that you can learn advanced leather craft watching short YouTube videos. I was wrong. The content from Atelier Grinda's Leather School is incredibly rich and full of little details that made big differences in my craft quality. Very well structured as well. A must for those wanting to learn leather craft correctly."

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Nicolas Grinda travaille le cuir à l'Atelier Grinda
"Working with my hands is my therapy"

"I am passionate about my job and I want to share this craft with others, create a new leather community.

Leather craft is an easy-to-learn skill. Once you know the basis and have done a couple of projects, it will quickly become the most soothing activity of your day.

I use crafting as a meditation to relieve anxiety and stress. Working with my hands is my therapy.

The sense of accomplishment when you start with a piece of leather and transform it into a handmade leather good is immeasurable.

I offer a wide variety of practical tutorials for all levels and in three languages. Whether you would like to make leather items for yourself, friends or family or start leather craft as a side hustle, I have the tutorials for you!

Beginners or advanced crafters, the world of leather craft awaits you!" 

Nicolas Grinda

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