Many years ago, while working my former job at an investment bank in the M&A department, I was sipping coffee and scrolling mindlessly through Instagram as I landed on a video of an American leathercrafter making a keychain.

I still remember seeing his big hands making such a small and beautiful item. I was impressed and excited to learn more about that craft.

It was love at first sight and very soon it became my escape from a job I did not enjoy.

After countless hours in front of the computer during the work day, I would come back home and craft with the very few tools I had acquired.

 During the weekends I would spend time going to shops at home, in Monaco, to look at luxury leather goods ...


... The salespeople would look at me in weird ways for starring at items for so long. Who stares at the bottom of a bag for over a minute?

 The time I spent making leather goods would pass by like when I got my first Nintendo as a kid. I was in a state of flow and harmony. I loved it.

The next day, I would come back to the office, work on Powerpoint and Excel while constantly thinking about leather craft.

Little by little, I started selling small items to friends and making it my main hobby.

Before I knew it, less than a year after, I had quitted my job and opened my company. My side hustle had become my full time activity.

Nowadays I am a professional leather crafter: I make custom leather goods for clients all over the world & I help leather crafters of all levels through their learning  journey.

Teaching leather craft is a way for me to share a timeless art form. 

I believe that working with one’s hands is a natural and everlasting human experience.

Yours stitchfully

Nicolas Grinda